Steinway & Sons 1982
Model: B. Serial Number: 482436.
Finish: Ebony Satin.

Belly Work:
- Complete refinishing of the piano(satin finish or High polish)
- Refinish sound board and plate
- Re chrome bolts and screws
- New pin block-Laminated hard rock maple
- New strings mapes (Steinway wire)
- New base strings mapes (Steinway base strings)
- Refinish damper heads and clean wire
- New damper felts

Action Work:
- New Hammers-New Yprk Steinway
- New Shanks and flanges-New York Steinway
- New repetitions-New York Steinway
- New back checks
- New key bushings-front and balance rail
- New back rail cloth
- New balance and front raol punchings
- Refinish ebony keys
- New key tops(plastic or Ivory)
- Completely regulate action
- Re-weight the keys with proper down and up weight
- Voice-soft pedal voicing

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